Who We Are

About Us

By taking advantage of our experience and technical expertise in the device repair business, we offer SCM (Supply Chain Management) solutions optimized throughout the lifecycle of various mobile devices.

Due to our experience in providing aftersales support, we can offer various services that maximize the lifetime value of mobile devices for a wide range of customers including network operators, manufacturers, MVNOs, and e-commerce companies.

Buy-Back and Trade-In Solutions

Many used mobile devices can have a second life. We procure used mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and regular cellphones) for reuse/recycle purposes in domestic and global markets.

Buy-Back and Trade-In Programs

We provide customized and comprehensive device buy-back and trade-in programs for customers including network operators, manufacturers, MVNOs, and e-commerce companies.

Our Comprehensive Buy-Back and Trade-In Programs

Take advantage of our white glove Buy-Back and Trade-In solutions!

Data Wiping and Grading

It is critical to evaluate the condition of a mobile device prior to reuse. Our grading process ensures accurate assessment of device conditions to extract maximum value.

Advanced Knowledge and Technical Expertise

We conduct grading based on reuse applications and resale channels, relying on our technical competence cultivated through our experience in mobile device repair business. Advanced technology enables us to increase operational efficiency and scalability of our grading operations.

Data Erasure

We securely erase data in all devices using the latest data wiping tools. We take pride in protecting our customers’ intellectual properties, through issuing certificates of data destruction.

Grading Checklist

We maximize device value through our comprehensive cosmetics and functionality assessment program.

  • Activation
  • Data Wiping
  • Cosmetics Assessment
  • Functionality Assessment
  • Final Grading

Company Profile

Name Mobile Care Technologies Co., Ltd.
Head Office 4388 Ikonobe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone Number +81 (45) 938 7560
Paid-in Capital JPY 300,050,000
Shareholder Marubeni Corporation
Keitaro Sukegawa, President and CEO
Jiro Okamori, Director
Shigeyuki Imaoka, Director
Masamichi Morita, Director
Akihisa Gina, Director
Miwako Hanada, Auditor
Founded March 2, 2015
Main Business Supply chain management services for mobile devices
Number of Employees 65 (as of March 2023)